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I am very impress with it. It's action sequence is better than previous part. It script is also fine. Overall wonderful movie.

Transformers 2 was a great action movie. I loved the special effects.

Transformers : Revenge of Fallen is great movie. I watched this movie last night once again and equally liked it as before. I loved all the special effects in this movie.

This is such a great news, it really like this, Your blog is nice and informative. Thanks for the article.

I hate to imagine the changes that will be presented shortly, we have seen 3D movies in HD, BlueRay and want to see who will come after this I'm anxious.

I have seen 1st part of Transformer this is a Best movie. I will must watch it part II as soon as possible.

That is girl is looking very Dashing.


! Transformers 2 is here!!! =D

The much anticipated movie of the year has hit the shores of Malaysia. I have been personally waiting for it ever since I knew that there was going to be a second installment. So, I went a couple of days back to watch it and it was

That's a sexy photo of her. One reason i love the movie. :)

Nice! I like it most. Thanks a lot of sharing this article.

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